Digging for Dinos Exhibition – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Bloggers:  Christian and Anahi

Some exciting things have happened over the last few weeks.

First, we worked hard finishing up our “Diggin for Dinos” project.



We worked on writing on claim paragraphs and providing evidence to prove which theory we believed killed the dinosaurs.


We practiced reading our paragraphs in groups.

Then, we had to get ready for our close-ups!  New Tech Network sent a film crew to video tape and interview our 2nd grade classrooms.  So cool!


Our teacher getting ready.



We measured our partners with T-Rex teeth so see how many T-Rex teeth tall we were.  Then, we had to find things in the room that were shorter than and longer than a T-Rex tooth.  The film crew took lots of pictures and video.  We’re excited to see what they’re going to do with all of it!

We finished up our dinosaur project over the last couple of weeks and hosted an Exhibition to show parents, visitors, and other grade levels what we learned about dinosaurs.  We also learned a song and dance, “Dino Stomp” from Koo Koo Kanga Roo and did a flash mob during our Exhibition.  Click here to see the video on our YouTube channel.

Here are some pictures from our Exhibition.


Explaining what we learned to other students.


Posters from our classrooms.


All of our Need to Knows (that’s alot of questions!) and the dinosaur bones we dug up from our garden.





After our Exhibition, we wrote down what we learned about dinosaurs from our project.


Here’s what some of us said…

Some dinosaurs are carnivores and omnivores. – Anahi

Some dinosaurs are predators. – Ximena

I learned about 5 different kinds of dinosaurs.  For example, a T-Rex. – Johana

I know that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago. – Samantha

I learned that carnivores eat meat and that herbivores eat plants.  – Christopher

Dinosaurs are big and small.  – Paola

I learned that paleontologists dig for fossils. They put the dinosaur fossils together. – Stephanie

We’re looking forward to our next project!!!


Ms. Trowbridge’s class is thankful for…

We spent some time on Friday talking about Thanksgiving and the things we were thankful for.  Here’s what our class came up with.


Then, students selected 3 things they were thankful for and we made “I am Thankful Turkeys.”




I didn’t get to make a turkey, but I am thankful for being able to work at Katherine Smith and be a part of its wonderfully dedicated staff and for having the opportunity to watch my students learn and grow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday…see you in December! -Ms. Trowbridge

Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

It’s been a while since our class has posted.  Let’s catch you up!

After we finished our ScribblePress books about our favorite dinosaurs, we started to learn about how the dinosaurs might have become extinct.

One day when we got to school, we saw that someone had taken the dinosaur bone that we found in our school garden out of our classroom.  This person left behind some clues…

Muddy footprints.


A walkie talkie.


And, a tie.


We used the clues that were left to try to figure out who could have taken our bone.


After looking at our evidence we made a claim that we thought Mr. Brengard took our dinosaur based on the evidence we saw in the classroom.  All of the 2nd graders asked Mr. Brengard to come to a meeting so we could ask him if he had our bones.

Students presented their claim and backed it up with evidence to Mr. Brengard.


Turns out Mr. Brengard borrowed our bones to show some visitors to our school and he forgot to tell us.  The bones are back!!!


Since we have now learned about making claims and proving those claims with evidence we started talking about the possible ways the dinosaurs might have died.

We looked at four possible ways the dinosaurs might have died:  asteroid impact, a super volcano, radiation from an exploding supernova, and ice age.

Each day we focused on one theory and wrote about the claim and the evidence scientists used in our Dinosaur field guides.



Chris explains the 4 theories to Mr. Brengard.


After Thanksgiving vacation, students will pick which claim they think is most likely and will write an informational paragraph about that claim and citing evidence to prove it.

We’ve also been working on measurement skills.  Teams of students had to create their own dinosaur using specific measurements given to them.



Bin’s group created a “mixosaurus which is a mixture of the 5 dinosaurs that we studied.”



Digging with Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

This blog is brought to you by Jennifer and Liz.



Students are working on the iPad to look up information on their favorite dinosaurs.  We scanned QR codes that took us to the right website.  (Jennifer)


This student is looking for pictures to use in their ScribblePress books about their favorite dinosaur.  (Liz)


This is a rough draft of someone’s ScribblePress book. (Liz)


Today we almost finished our ScribblePress books and we’ll upload more pictures tomorrow.  (Jennifer)

Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Our bloggers for the week are Ximena and Christian.


Last Friday, we made fossils out of clay, glue, and shells.  It was hard to press the shell into the clay.  (Ximena)


Today, we got a Dinosaur Field Guide and we used iPads and used a QR code to go online to look up dinosaur facts.  We studied the T-Rex today.  (Christian)  I learned that the largest tooth found of a T-Rex was 12 inches long.  That’s as long as a ruler! (Ximena)

photo photo

It was cool to use the iPads to see the different information about the T-Rex.  (Christian)

Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Ms. Trowbridge explained how we were going to act like paleontologists and dig for bones in the earth using a chocolate chip cookie.  (Chris S.)


Jennifer was separating her chocolate chips (bones) from her cookie (earth).  We used a toothpick to help us dig. (Johana)


Bin is digging his chocolate chips out of his cookie.  (Johana)


After we dug out the chocolate chips we had to fill out a paper.  We made an estimation before we started counting and we had to compare it to how many chocolate chips we had.  Then we had to write a sentence about what we learned.   (Johana)

Samantha’s sentence says, “I learned about dinosaurs.  I thought digging for bones was going to be easy but it was hard.”


I thought digging out the chocolate chips was hard because it was hard to get out the chocolate chips with the toothpick.  I had fun.  (Chris S.)

Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s Class

Yesterday, we wrote some Need to Knows and Vocabulary words and added them to our PBL wall. (Johana)


Today, we were writing about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.  Ms. Trowbridge let us put a “x” in the prediction box because we learned these three words last year during our raptor project.  (Johana)


Ms. Trowbridge read us Digging up Dinosaurs by Aliki.  We learned about paleontologists and fossils.  (Chris)


We listed facts about paleontologists and wrote the page numbers to show evidence where we found the information in the book.  (Chris)


We copied facts about paleontologists from our poster.  (Johana)


For example, for a fact we could have written that they carefully dug up bones so they didn’t break.  (Johana)