The Box Project Begins by Ms. Trowbridge’s 2nd grade


We’re back!  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with most of my first grade students from last year to 2nd grade.  We are looking forward to blogging our way through our PBL projects this year.  The formatting of the blogs will be similar to last year and will always be in student voice.  One of our classroom jobs is “Blogger” and two students a week will be responsible for taking pictures and deciding how to share our story with you.  Below is a shared writing we did together as we completed the first week of our first project of the year.  We’d love to hear any feedback you have…thanks for taking the time to read! -Ms. Trowbridge

We’re 2nd graders at Katherine Smith Elementary School.  Ms. Trowbridge is our teacher.  Many of us were in 1st grade together.  Our first PBL project this year is building with cardboard boxes.  Our Driving Question is, “What can you make with a cardboard box?”


We came up with some ideas of what we could make.  Some ideas were a book box, a train car, a Minecraft character, and a pencil box.  We will be working with a partner to make our new object.  We drew a picture of what we’re going to be making on a planning sheet.




We used Critical Friends to get advice on how to make our cardboard object better.



Next week we will begin to build our objects!


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