The Box Project


Our bloggers for last week were Yaritza and Jadine.  Yaritza wrote the captions for these pictures.


Jay brainstormed what he could make his box into using the Box Brainstorm paper.  He had to come up with 4 different objects.


All of us got a partner and we decided what we were going to make together.  Then, we drew what we were going to make on the Box Planning Sheet and wrote down what we were going to use.


Next we did Critical Friends.  Critical Friends is when we talk about our idea so we can get different ideas from our friends in class.  We used sentences like “I like” and “I wonder” to help ask questions.

photo photo

We started making our objects.

photo photo

Then everyone got to paint their objects.  It was fun because we got to paint it with our partners.  We decided what colors we needed.


We wrote a description of our object.


Our 4th grade Reading Buddies, some of our other 2nd grade friends, Mr. Brengard, and Mrs. Donohue came to our Exhibition.  We talked about our project and described what we made.  We talked about what materials we used.  We used what we learned in 1st grade about shapes during our Shape Project to describe our object.  Some of our objects had rectangular prisms, cylinders, rectangles, and cubes.

I’m looking forward to our next project! -Yaritza


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