College Day in Ms. Trowbridge’s class – 10/10/14

Today Katherine Smith Elementary School celebrated College Day.  In our class, we did a lot of things.  We first watched a movie about the University of Notre Dame.  We watched Notre Dame because that is our classroom’s college.  Then, we listened to a book by Dr. Seuss called “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

We talked about what happens after college.  We brainstormed about what kind of careers we might want.  We talked about what kinds of things we needed to do to have that career.  We wrote a paragraph about our future career.


After recess, we drew our career on a tile.  Every student at Katherine Smith is making a tile and we’re going to hang them on a wall on campus.


After lunch, we wrote a sentence about what career we wanted and where we’re going to college.  We cut out a picture of our heads and glued it on a college graduate’s body.  We’re COLLEGE BOUND!

photo photo

Our class is also making a big tile with the Notre Dame logo on it.  It looks fantastic!


At the end of the day we went to our school’s College Day Rally.  We did our college cheers and got to wave our pom-poms.  We liked it when we got to do our cheer.


We thought today was super fun!


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