Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Ms. Trowbridge explained how we were going to act like paleontologists and dig for bones in the earth using a chocolate chip cookie.  (Chris S.)


Jennifer was separating her chocolate chips (bones) from her cookie (earth).  We used a toothpick to help us dig. (Johana)


Bin is digging his chocolate chips out of his cookie.  (Johana)


After we dug out the chocolate chips we had to fill out a paper.  We made an estimation before we started counting and we had to compare it to how many chocolate chips we had.  Then we had to write a sentence about what we learned.   (Johana)

Samantha’s sentence says, “I learned about dinosaurs.  I thought digging for bones was going to be easy but it was hard.”


I thought digging out the chocolate chips was hard because it was hard to get out the chocolate chips with the toothpick.  I had fun.  (Chris S.)


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