Digging for Dinos Exhibition – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

Bloggers:  Christian and Anahi

Some exciting things have happened over the last few weeks.

First, we worked hard finishing up our “Diggin for Dinos” project.



We worked on writing on claim paragraphs and providing evidence to prove which theory we believed killed the dinosaurs.


We practiced reading our paragraphs in groups.

Then, we had to get ready for our close-ups!  New Tech Network sent a film crew to video tape and interview our 2nd grade classrooms.  So cool!


Our teacher getting ready.



We measured our partners with T-Rex teeth so see how many T-Rex teeth tall we were.  Then, we had to find things in the room that were shorter than and longer than a T-Rex tooth.  The film crew took lots of pictures and video.  We’re excited to see what they’re going to do with all of it!

We finished up our dinosaur project over the last couple of weeks and hosted an Exhibition to show parents, visitors, and other grade levels what we learned about dinosaurs.  We also learned a song and dance, “Dino Stomp” from Koo Koo Kanga Roo and did a flash mob during our Exhibition.  Click here to see the video on our YouTube channel.

Here are some pictures from our Exhibition.


Explaining what we learned to other students.


Posters from our classrooms.


All of our Need to Knows (that’s alot of questions!) and the dinosaur bones we dug up from our garden.





After our Exhibition, we wrote down what we learned about dinosaurs from our project.


Here’s what some of us said…

Some dinosaurs are carnivores and omnivores. – Anahi

Some dinosaurs are predators. – Ximena

I learned about 5 different kinds of dinosaurs.  For example, a T-Rex. – Johana

I know that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago. – Samantha

I learned that carnivores eat meat and that herbivores eat plants.  – Christopher

Dinosaurs are big and small.  – Paola

I learned that paleontologists dig for fossils. They put the dinosaur fossils together. – Stephanie

We’re looking forward to our next project!!!


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