Digging for Dinos – Ms. Trowbridge’s class

•Johana and Chris S. are our bloggers for the week.  They will be in charge of picture taking and writing about what we have done for the project.


We went to the garden to pull weeds this afternoon.  (Christopher)


Some of us used tools to weed.  (Bin)

We pulled out a bone! (Johana) It looked like a big, giant bone!  (Chris S.)  When I saw the bone I got super excited because it was big and I thought it was a T-Rex bone.  (Giovanny)

photo photo photo

We stopped in Ms. Schorr’s room and they had a dinosaur bone, too!  (Pedro)

We came back to our class and we listed all the things it could be.  (Gibbson)


We decided it was a fossil of a dinosaur bone.  (Ximena)

We are excited because we like dinosaurs.  (Tatiana)

Our Driving Question for this project is, “What happened to all of the dinosaurs?”  (Christopher)


I feel excited because we get to experience a new thing….learning about dinosaurs!  (Paola)


College Day in Ms. Trowbridge’s class – 10/10/14

Today Katherine Smith Elementary School celebrated College Day.  In our class, we did a lot of things.  We first watched a movie about the University of Notre Dame.  We watched Notre Dame because that is our classroom’s college.  Then, we listened to a book by Dr. Seuss called “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

We talked about what happens after college.  We brainstormed about what kind of careers we might want.  We talked about what kinds of things we needed to do to have that career.  We wrote a paragraph about our future career.


After recess, we drew our career on a tile.  Every student at Katherine Smith is making a tile and we’re going to hang them on a wall on campus.


After lunch, we wrote a sentence about what career we wanted and where we’re going to college.  We cut out a picture of our heads and glued it on a college graduate’s body.  We’re COLLEGE BOUND!

photo photo

Our class is also making a big tile with the Notre Dame logo on it.  It looks fantastic!


At the end of the day we went to our school’s College Day Rally.  We did our college cheers and got to wave our pom-poms.  We liked it when we got to do our cheer.


We thought today was super fun!

The Box Project


Our bloggers for last week were Yaritza and Jadine.  Yaritza wrote the captions for these pictures.


Jay brainstormed what he could make his box into using the Box Brainstorm paper.  He had to come up with 4 different objects.


All of us got a partner and we decided what we were going to make together.  Then, we drew what we were going to make on the Box Planning Sheet and wrote down what we were going to use.


Next we did Critical Friends.  Critical Friends is when we talk about our idea so we can get different ideas from our friends in class.  We used sentences like “I like” and “I wonder” to help ask questions.

photo photo

We started making our objects.

photo photo

Then everyone got to paint their objects.  It was fun because we got to paint it with our partners.  We decided what colors we needed.


We wrote a description of our object.


Our 4th grade Reading Buddies, some of our other 2nd grade friends, Mr. Brengard, and Mrs. Donohue came to our Exhibition.  We talked about our project and described what we made.  We talked about what materials we used.  We used what we learned in 1st grade about shapes during our Shape Project to describe our object.  Some of our objects had rectangular prisms, cylinders, rectangles, and cubes.

I’m looking forward to our next project! -Yaritza

The Box Project Begins by Ms. Trowbridge’s 2nd grade


We’re back!  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with most of my first grade students from last year to 2nd grade.  We are looking forward to blogging our way through our PBL projects this year.  The formatting of the blogs will be similar to last year and will always be in student voice.  One of our classroom jobs is “Blogger” and two students a week will be responsible for taking pictures and deciding how to share our story with you.  Below is a shared writing we did together as we completed the first week of our first project of the year.  We’d love to hear any feedback you have…thanks for taking the time to read! -Ms. Trowbridge

We’re 2nd graders at Katherine Smith Elementary School.  Ms. Trowbridge is our teacher.  Many of us were in 1st grade together.  Our first PBL project this year is building with cardboard boxes.  Our Driving Question is, “What can you make with a cardboard box?”


We came up with some ideas of what we could make.  Some ideas were a book box, a train car, a Minecraft character, and a pencil box.  We will be working with a partner to make our new object.  We drew a picture of what we’re going to be making on a planning sheet.




We used Critical Friends to get advice on how to make our cardboard object better.



Next week we will begin to build our objects!

Top 10 Things we are Looking Forward to in 2nd Grade

image image

  1. Adding and Subtracting Bigger Numbers, Learning to Multiply, and Counting Money.
  2. Doing more than 4 PBL projects so we can learn more things.
  3. Becoming a better reader to learn more things.
  4. Learn to spell better because it will help us in the future.
  5. Checking out chapter books in the library.
  6. Learning and getting better grades so that we can go to college.
  7. Making new friends and being nice to people.
  8. Doing my best work and making my teacher and my parents proud.
  9. Communicating about our projects using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, and sharing with visitors.
  10. Working together with my classmates.